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customer testimonials

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Bobs Best Carpet Cleaning Carlsbad CA 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.
Bobs Best Carpet Cleaning Carlsbad CA
Bobs Best came to do my Travertine floors on a referral from my good friend. They gave me the written price first, which was very close to the first amount I was told over the phone when I originally called. I was worried that the worker was going to try and up-sell me or tell me it would be way more once he got to my home. Exact opposite!! The technician who came was very sweet and we talked about what to expect as far as it turning out and how to maintain it in the future. This guy knew what he was talking about- no sales pitch, no pressure, just an educated worker doing his best to make me feel comfortable he was in my house! Anyways they were there for about 3 and a half hours ( I had 1,800 square feet cleaned and sealed) and when they left I could walk on the tile right away. It looked AMAZING! I'm very happy with the results and the price was completely worth choosing them- I'm definitely going to use these guys for everything now. (I guess they also clean carpet and hardwood.)
Bobs Best Carpet Cleaning Carlsbad CA
Tom and Easton were very kind and professional. They did a marvelous job, and I would definitely recommend this service. There was good communication between the crew and Bob as well - They had written my phone number down incorrectly so I wasn't home when they initially showed up to my house, but it was rectified very quickly and all was well. Very courteous and polite.
Bobs Best Carpet Cleaning Carlsbad CA
I have used Bob's about 7 times in the past three years or so to clean our wool carpets and upholstered chairs. I have had outstanding service each time and will only use them.

As others have written, the staff is always courteous and professional on the phone and in person. The guys who have cleaned my carpets have always been very, very polite, efficient, and they do a great job.

Recently I needed my upholstered chairs cleaned but the cost to clean them, together with my three wool carpets, was getting up there. Tom (of Bob's) suggested that for a lower cost, I only needed to clean the cushions; the body of the chairs didn't really need cleaning. It was an honest suggestion, one that another company might not have made, and I appreciated it. That is one reason I always go back to Bob's